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Inkjet, Coating & 3D

Ultimately enable printing an operative circuit

board by a functional three-dimensional

printing technology

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New technology, same conductivity quality

- Reduce PCB prototypes manufacturing from weeks to hours.

- Independent from service suppliers.

- Confidential data during early stage of development remain in house.

- Conductivity similar to PCB fabrication shop results (not silver nano ink).

- Environmental friendly – additive Process.

- Small footprint.

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Get creative or get out

Our deep knowledge in bringing analog industrial process to digital

with our creative approach result in an unique solution….

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No more high dependence on service suppliers.

   No more disclosure of confidential data during development.

Creative IC3D is a young startup company whose goal is to bring the production area of the printed circuit board Prototype market to three-dimensional digital technology.

The new approach of Creative IC3D is integrating a number of technologies with multi-disciplinary chemistry (Inkjet, Nanotechnology, etc)

The company is currently finishing writing the development plan for the project including the technologies to be developed for implementing functional 3D printing.

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